Animal Pattern Illustrations

Motifs Animaux

If you know a little bit about my work, you’ve noticed that the Animal Patterns have become kind of my trademark overtime. I just love drawing them.

In visual arts, a pattern, or a motif is a repetition of decorative elements. Their aesthetics come from the regular or irregular rhythm of shapes and colors. By using a regular grid of irregular elements, I create animal patterns that are soothing, pretty and fun.

I started the animal patterns with the drawing of the hens which shows 42 chicken breeds from France. Then I did some tests on sheep with a little more decoration, corgis with a little more detail, and cat breeds. I kind of set things right with the otter pattern. From now on, the collection grows regularly with new animal motifs.

These paintings, rich in small details, are available as fine art prints and washi tape.

All rights to these images are mine, no commercial or personal reproduction is permitted.

Chicken Animal Pattern

The chicken drawing is a pattern of 42 different chicken breeds from France and Western Europe.

Chicken breeds pattern
42 Chicken Breeds Art Print

Otter Pattern

The drawing of the 101 otters is one of the largest that I have done. The original has been sold but it is available in prints and goodies.

Otter Pattern
Otter pattern

35 unicorns and 22 chicks

Unicorns Pattern
Unicorns and chicks pattern

100 Hedgehogs Pattern

Check out the Hedgehog Illustration process from the sketch to the final steps.

Hedgehogs Pattern
Hedgehogs Pattern

35 Chevreaux

The original watercolor painting is available.

Goat Kids Pattern
35 goat kids pattern

Pigeons Pattern

Pigeon Pattern
Pigeons Pattern

Platypus Pattern

Platypuses animal pattern
Platypus animal pattern

Cute Bunny Pattern

This cute bunny pattern watercolor features 72 small fur balls, some of which are inspired by rabbits I know. There is a fake bunny, and a lot of fun little details. The original is sold but there are prints, mugs and Washi Tape available.

cute bunnies pattern
Cute bunnies animal pattern

Frog Pattern

This animal motif contains 72 small frogs. If you want to see the stages of its conception, you can read the article on the frogs watercolor. The original of this painting has been sold.

Colorful Frogs Pattern
Frog Motif

Animal Motif : Foxes

Fox Pattern
Foxes pattern

Guinea pigs pattern

Cute Guinea Pigs Pattern
Guinea Pigs Pattern

Raccoons Pattern

It is typically the exotic animal for Europeans that becomes an almost everyday sight when you move to Canada 🙂 Unlike squirrels, raccoons have not lost their magic for me. Even after saving one from the trash.

Cute Raccoons Pattern
Raccoons Pattern

Donkeys Pattern

22 adorable Donkeys.

Aquarelle Ânes
Donkey Pattern

Cat Pattern

When I paint animal motifs, I slip in small references. For this particular watercolor, I painted the cats of my twitter subscribers as well as some famous cats.

Cat Pattern