One of a Kind Valentine’s Day Gifts

idées cadeau saint valentin porcelaine unique

I know Valentine’s day can be percieved as a very commercial holiday, sometimes a bit shallow, pressuring people into buying useless stuff or cheap trinkets that’ll be discarded in a month or so. This year though, why not think a little bit ahead of time and use this occasion to gift something truly unique all the while supporting an independant artist ? Here are a few suggestions for one of a kind Valentine’s day gifts from my shop I’m sure you will love. Everything is designed, sculpted and painted with love.

porcelain gold heart pendant
Golden Porcelain Heart Pendant, white porcelain and 22k gold.

Gifting an animal portrait : cute and original

If you and your loved one have a pet, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a bunny or any other cute critter, I’m sure they’re the star in your household. They always are. Your partner is probably very fond of them so gifting a pet portrait might just be your perfect opportunity of a meaningful and beautiful gift that’s going to be cherished for years in your household.

I offer pet portraits in a very cute, simple style whether as watercolor paintings, digital paintings or as real tangible objects : tableware, porcelain figurines or porcelain jewelry. All of these handmade options are available if you are a bit ahead of time 🙂

You can check all of the 2023 commissioned work on the blog.

Valentine’s gift : their favorite animal as a pendant

While it’s easy to find a pendant of a dolphin or a cat, some less popular animals are harder to get a hold on as jewelry. Let’s take bats or capybaras for example 🙂 I usually create adorable version of unusual animals as porcelain pendants all year long. Feel free to check the boutique for available pendants.

une adorable chauve souris blanche et rose pour la saint valentin
An adorable pink and white bat pendant is the perfect Valentine’s Gift for the bat lover in your life

J’offre les animaux les plus originaux sous forme de pendentif en porcelaine sculpté à la main et décoré d’or ou de nacre. Si vous vous y prenez à l’avance, vous pouvez même passer commande de l”animal préféré de votre partenaire. Ces pendentifs en porcelaine peuvent s’accompagner d’une chaîne en vermeil ou en argent qui viendra sublimer ce bijou unique.

My porcelain pendants are all sculpted by hand and often decorated with real gold or mother of pearl, giving them a cute and dainty look. They come in a lovely ready to gift illustrated box. You can add a vermeil or sterling silver chain to your order and make it a complete necklace.

un pendentif d'oiseau adorable pour la saint valentin
A lovely round little bird in pink and gold, handmade.

Pendants and figurines come in illustrated boxes, I draw and color each one individually. In this little arty package, your piece will travel safely to your address. If you’d like a handwritten note, I’ll happily help with that too !

ceramic foxes drawings on packages
Fox themed illustrated boxes for figurines and porcelain jewelry
cat portrait pendant
Tiniest of cat portraits as a porcelain pendant

A custom tableware piece for your loved one

We’ve all see industrial mass produced printed mugs with your name or a picture of a cat on it. It’s often quite cheap and low quality so why not get one that’ll last a lifetime ?

Contrary to popular belief, handmade mugs are very sturdy, they will last the longest and are dishwasher safe, mircrowavable and overall pretty cool ! You can order a mug that’s already available, it will be as unique as a commissioned one with your cat’s lovely portrait on it.

Here are a few mugs I made this past months and all the commissioned tableware of 2023 is on display here.

Mug loutres amoureuses
Mug : Otters in Love
handmade bat mug cute
A lartge handmade mug with adorable little bats on black clay

Last minute original Valentine’s gifts

The whole boutique is filled with unique one of a kind and handmade products. If it’s too late to order a custom piece, check out what’s available and you might just stumble upon a dreamy figurine or the perfect pendant for your Valentine. I made a few animal couples for this year’s Valentine’s day, but if unavailable, you can make a couple of your own choosing : otter and raccoon or fox with axolotl ? You pick which animal fit your personnalities best !

Valentine’s Day Gift : Lower budget options and still one of a kind

If your budget is tighter this year, I also have a whole range of low priced small items that are still lovely and thoughtful like the washi tape rolls or high quality art prints. Stickers are also available for a few bucks as well as some original art on Ko-Fi.

cute animal gold foil washi tape
Gold Foil Washi Tape : Useful and Cute

When you don’t know what to gift for Valentine’s day

Lastly, if your loved one talked about my work but you have no idea what to get them : a gift card might just be the way to go ! If they’re into tattoos, there’s a tattoo ticket available. I also just added mini commissions of 4×4 watercolors on Ko-Fi.

That’s it for today ! I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day !