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Meditative Watercolor Painting : 20 Bears

medidative watercolor painting pattern of 20 bears by kness

It’s been sooooo long since I painted an animal pattern ! I thought I’d share it directly with you instead of just posting on social media. I just spent two days painting and drawing because I needed it. Like pottery, painting a repetitive pattern is a meditative, calming ritual that I particularly enjoy.  Wanna try it […]

Sculpting Ceramics Opossum Grandma and a Christmas Tree

ceramics opossum grandma and Christmas tree

In November, I was asked to create a ceramics opossum figurine that quickly became one of my favorite pieces ever. I documented the process for this one. I thought it would be a good opportunity to show the sculpting clay animals process and all the different steps. Let’s go through the making of Granny Possum […]

How to repair porcelain figurines

How to repair porcelain figurines kintsugi style

While making and working ceramic animals, I sometimes find myself needing to repair porcelain figurines. They either broke while I transported them, they sometimes cracked in the kiln or had an accident while glazing. The result is always the same : either throw it away or repair the porcelain figurine. As most of us, I […]

Cutest 73 Raccoon Drawing

aquarelle ratons laveurs

I’ve finished my raccoon drawing! The original raccoon painting is sold but if you’d like a fine art print or Raccoon Washi it’s all available! This poster is part of my collection of animal pattern collection. These animal filled illustrations are happening regularly in my portfolio and my shop, they are very relaxing to make. […]