Illustration commissions and custom orders

Illustration Commissions

I work on illustration commissions. I really enjoy painting for you, so feel free to contact me and we’ll talk about it. If you want to know a bit more about the process though, here is a bit of information.

The commissions are now open. 

Style and subject of the illustration commissions

Price range

Prices depend on size and detail level of the piece. Here’s a simple chart, each commission is different. I will give you an adjusted price if I accept the commission. 

A5 – 1 Character CA$210 CAD / $150 /  125 €
A5 – 2 Characters CA$310 CAD / $245 / 200 €
A4 – Animal Pattern  CA$800-1200 / $600-990 / 500-800€

+ Shipping fees and taxes. 

Family Portrait with Birds

Illustration commission steps

Please use the contact form for your commission inquiry. You can dm me on social media for a first contact, but an email is way easier to work with. 

  1. Inquiry and order 
  2. Painting, no retakes or modifications
  3. Online listing in the shop
  4. Online order and payment
  5. Shipping and Delivery 

The whole process can take up to a month, I do not work with deadlines. 

pet portrait pricing : two main coons

Two Maine Coons

Faire part de naissance

Birth announcement card – Farm Animals 

Camille and the Lion

Copyright and publishers 

All the content I post here or one social media is my own. My pictures, photographs and illustrations cannot be used without my written consent. For any commercial or reproduction right inquiry, please use my contact form. 

I do not work for publishing companies at the moment.