Custom Ceramics Orders

Ceramics Custom Orders

Custom Orders are now open. please make sure to read all the information before sending me an e-mail via the contact form. Thank you ♥

IN DECEMBER AND JANUARY, the commissions rounds are all about WILD ANIMALS, Real or Imagined. Pet portraits for cats and dogs will resume in FEBRUARY. 

I’m offering custom ceramics orders. I can sculpt your pet or your favorite clay animal, as a tiny figurine or as a pendant or charm. Anything is welcome really ! Please read the following details before emailing me with your project, it will help you understand the whole process.


What is a Custom Ceramics Order ?

I mainly create animal sculptures, they can be meant as plant guardians, desktop décor or porcelain jewelry. Depending on your request, the prices and delivery time vary.

Custom order timeline

Ceramics Commissions Timeline

The custom ceramic animals are slowly made. It can take from 6 to 12 weeks to make a piece, plus delivery time.

I cannot guarantee a shipping or delivery date, so if you plan on gifting a ceramics in a month or so, a custom order will not probably get to you on time. This is a long process. If you’re in a hurry, check out what’s already in store ^^

Colors and style

My work is not realistic. It’s cute, minimalistic and simple, I focus on shapes and colors. Therefore, I will not be making realistic dog or cat portraits. I can convey my idea of your pet and, with luck, their personality. 

Check out the custom orders from the past

Ceramics colors can be tricky, I work with a lot of premade colors, I cannot make your grey, blue or green exactly. I can pick the closest shade, don’t expect pantone perfect ^^ 

Ceramics Commission Samples

In this article, I documented the whole process of a custom ceramics commission, made a few months back. 


The prices are set depending on the time and complexity of the pieces. Here’s an estimate for a few animals I already made. When I agree on taking your commission, I will give you a price tag for your specific order. 

Animal Simple Gold, White Gold, Pearl
Dog, Cat CAD $150/ € 95 / US $115 CAD$175 / € 110 / US $135
Hamster, Rat, Ferret, Bunny CAD $120 / € 75 / US $95 CAD $150 / € 90 / US $117
Horse, Cow, Deer CAD $ 190 / € 120 / US $148 CAD $215 / € 140 / US $170
Pendant 1 animal CAD $140/ € 90 / US $110 CAD $175 / € 110 / US $135
Packaging, Shipping depending on destination, from : CAD $12 / €8 / US $9 (tracking) CAD $29 / €19 / US $23
Custom Fees and Taxes (VAT, etc) Depending on your country You might have to pay at reception

Ceramics Commissions Process

Please, send your commissions inquiries only when the commission process opens. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get all the information about when I open and close commissions. 

1 – Contact

When the commissions are open, you can send me an e-mail. I’ll need a name, e-mail address and quick description of your project. Please add details and pictures (link to instagram account, dropbox folders, etc.), they’ll help. I’ll answer within a few days with an estimated cost and a reservation fee, if any. You will have to agree on the terms before I proceed with the commission. If I do not accept your commission, I’ll send you an e-mail too. 

Things to include in your contact e-mail : 

  • Type of animal-s
  • Name of the animal if any 
  • Type of commission ( Figurine, jewelry tray, pendant) 
  • Options if any (gold, pearl or both) 
  • Details (position, special markings etc) 
  • Dropbox or drive link with pictures 
  • If it’s a surprise gift and shouldn’t be published on social media, please let me know. 

2 – Sculpting and painting

Once we agree on the terms, I’ll sculpt, paint and get your ceramic friend through its first firing. Pictures might be sent along the process as I love to document my work. If your custom order is meant to be a surprise or if you don’t want it documented on my social media, please mention it in your contact email.

maman loutre porcelaine
Ceramics Otter and Baby

3 – Payment and shipping

When the piece is finished, I’ll make a custom product page for you on the website. You will be able to go through with your order and pay at that time. I usually don’t take payments beforehand. But, depending on the project, I might ask for a non-refundable reservation fee. Failing to order the piece within 10 days of listing will result in the customer to lose the fee, the piece will then be listed for anyone to buy.

Once everything’s in order, I’ll proceed with the shipping ! Your order is always carefully wrapped in paper – I try and avoid all plastics. Several shipping options are available, please consider tracking. Untracked shipping is not insured in any way. Should your piece be broken during transport, I will replace it. 

Please be aware that you might have to pay custom fees, VAT and taxes upon reception. This is mainly for countries outside of Canada. The EU, UK, and other countries are charging their own import taxes.

I am required to declare the commercial value of the pieces shipped and will not declare a lower shipment value for any reason.

Another little warning because this happened more than once : track your shipment. If you don’t see anything coming towards you after 10 days, check out the tracking link. If your package comes back because it was unclaimed, I will charge you another shipping fee. 


What if I don’t like my piece ?

Well, if you do not like your piece, I’ll be very sorry. I’m usually quite confident with a subject when I agree to take on a custom order. But it’s art so you never know ! So far, it happened once that a customer did not like their piece on 100+ custom orders. If I don’t manage to go through with a piece, I’ll try again. It’s possible I make 2 or 3 versions of an order and sell the pieces left after you pick your favorite.

If it’s something I did wrong, forgot or made a mistake about, and I agree with you, I will redo the piece at no extra cost, just extra time.

If I think I fulfilled my part of the contract, I will put the piece in the shop. You will be able to purchase it if you change your mind, or someone else will. No hard feelings here !

Rat Family

What I do, what I don’t do.

I don’t do realistic, fierce, violent sculptures. This is just not me. Make sure you get a hold of my style before you order something ^^ It will be CUTE.

Check out the custom made figurines of the past.