Custom Ceramics Orders

Custom ceramics orders are open once every few weeks. They’re advertised via the mailing list, or social media if there are spots left open after the mailing list was sent.

If you’re already familiar with how commissions work, you can go ahead and make a reservation. If not, I would suggest reading the whole page before proceeding. 

What is a Custom Ceramics Order ?

While I design and sculpt original ceramics pieces, I can also create pet portraits figurines, custom made pottery like mugs and tableware, or personalized jewelry for you. The custom ceramics order can be a pet portrait, a memorial piece or something creative like a DnD familiar or an animal OC. I sculpt and paint clay animals, any animal is welcome, real or imagined.

custom ceramics piece can be used as desktop décor, everyday jewelry or simply tableware. As a one of a kind piece of art, they can also be collected and displayed on your shelves, windowsills or as a plant guardian.

Each ceramics piece is made with white porcelain, red, speckled or black stoneware on demand. You can ask for specific colors, as well as gold or pearl luster.

A custom large animal figurine : foraging wolf.

How Does It Work ?

The process of ordering a custom made pottery piece has 3 steps :

  1. Reservation,
  2. Communication
  3. Completion

Before making a reservation, you should at least have a good idea about what you’d like, the pricing and all the steps involved. I suggest reading this whole page before ahead of time.

If you’ve never commissioned an artist before, here is a small Guide to Commissioning Art.

1 – Make a reservation

I’ve listed several reservation items in the shop. This helps me work on a varied body of commissions that keeps me happy 🙂 You can order a figurine, a pendant, a piece of tableware (mug, cup, tumbler, ring dish), a memorial urn or a painting.

You will be able to select from a few options, gold, pearl or both.

If a particular listing is not available, you can subscribe to the waitlist and you will get an e-mail when it is restocked.

When your reservation is paid for, you can go and proceed to the next step : communication !

porcelain plesiosaur CUSTOM ORDER

Custom Pendant : Green Plseiosaur 

custom ceramics orders

Custom Figurines : Skunks and pumpkins 

2 – Communication

Once your reservation has gone through, you will need to fill in the information form. This is where you will send me all I need to know about your custom ceramics order. I pre-filled the fields so that it’s an easy enough operation.

Sending pictures can sometimes be tiresome, you can send me links to your dropbox, google drive or social media accounts.

Once you’ve hit send, I will answer you within a few days. I will let you know a few important things :

  • If I can create your custom order
  • if there is an extra fee for a complicated piece and how to pay it
  • A rough timetable
  • I may ask for a few more details if needed
  • I’ll ask for a confirmation

If I’m unable to fulfill a request (which is very rare), I will refund your reservation fee in full.

2.1 – Confirmation

If everything suits you, I will need a confirmation e-mail to start working on your piece.

If the pricing or timetable or any other condition doesn’t work for you, you will be able to tell me and I will cancel the order and refund your reservation fee in full.

2.2 – Wait for it

Once confirmed, you just have to sit and wait for your custom ceramic sculpture or tableware to be finished. This usually takes 6 to 12 weeks depending on my workload. It can sometimes be less, rarely more.

I usually don’t send work in progress pictures unless there’s a particular need for it. This is because clay dries pretty quickly and I can’t change a dry sculpture. I often post works in progress on social media though, so you might spot your piece in my insta stories. This is unless you tick the top secret commission and in that case I will not feature it.

Once your piece is ready I will send you an e-mail with pictures and a confirmation that your shipping info is accurate.

custom ceramics pendant flamingo

A Custom Pendant : Andean Flamingo

custom ceramics order raccoon espresso cup

Custom Tableware : A Raccoon Espresso Cup and Saucer 

3 – Finalization : Shipping

Once your piece is ready to ship, I will send you pictures and ask for a confirmation that your info is accurate. 

It will then ship following my regular shipping schedule.

All the figurines and pendants are packaged in a ready to gift illustrated box. Tableware is wrapped in sturdier materials that I will often decorate with a sticker or quick doodle, but it will not be as colorful as the smaller pieces.

Shipping a custom gift to another location 

You can enter a different shipping address and name if your piece is a gift. While I don’t include a paper invoice in the package, please note that for orders outside of Canada, the value will be printed on the outside of the box for customs purposes. This is mandatory and I cannot change it. If you don’t want your loved one to be aware of the gift’s value, the best way is to have it shipped to you and send it from your place.

custom ceramic order : opossum mamas bowl and figurine

Custom Order of Two Existing Pieces : Opossum Mama Figurine and Opossum Family Bowl

Custom Ceramics Pricing

The Custom Ceramics  prices are set depending on the time and complexity of the pieces. Here’s an estimate for a few type of ceramics custom orders. When I send you a confirmation e-mail, I will give you an accurate quote for your specific order. 

Custom Figurines and Jewelry Price Table

Animal Simple
Dog, Cat Figurine CAD $180
Small Animal Figurine CAD $160
Wild / Farm Animal Figurine CAD $ 210
Large Animal Figurine  CAD $ 260+
Pendant 1 animal CAD $180
Packaging, Shipping depending on destination Tracked from CAD $29
Custom Fees and Taxes (VAT, etc) Depending on your country
custom ceramic commission

Custom Ceramic Order of two figurines : an antlered winged fox and a night elf cat.

figurine custom orders
custom tableware order

Top : A custom ceramic piece set with a tumbler and a small figurine of the same dog. Bottom : A corgi  portrait mug.

custom commission mug corgi portrait

Tableware Custom Orders Price List

This price list is for an illustrated tableware piece with 1 animal. You can request several animals per piece, adding roughly $30-40 per extra animal. The sizes ranges may vary a little because everything is handmade.

Jewelry trays typically have 1 sculpted animal.

I will usually pick white stoneware for tableware but you can request a red, black or speckled tan clay.

Piece Type Size (diam. x h) Price range
Tumbler 7-8 cm x 4-5 cm CAD $110
Tea Cup (handle) 7-8 cm x 4-5 cm CAD $120
Cup 8-9 cm x 8-9 cm   CAD $130
Mug (handle) 8-9 cm x 8-9 cm  CAD $160
Bowl 11-12 cm x 5-6 cm CAD $190
Jewelry Tray  7-8 cm x 2-3 cm CAD $190
Spoon Rest or Saucer 7×8 cm x <1 cm CAD $95
Packaging, Shipping CAD $35+  
Custom Fees + Taxes Depending on location


tableware commissions
small cat tumbler commission

Custom Cat Portrait Tumbler

raccoon opossum tea cups

Raccoon and Opossum Tea Cups

custom ceramics mug cat portrait

Custom Cat Portrait Mug

opossum family stoneware cup

Opossum Family Cup

opossum family bowl

Opossum Family Bowl

whale jewelry dish

Whale Jewelry Dish

Custom Rat Spoon Rest

catch all bunny cobalt

Bunny Catch-All / Saucer

Custom Orders Testimonials 

More Than Pleased

Working with Karine on a custom piece was a smooth and exciting e-mail thread. I was more than pleased with my purchase, and it won’t be my last one!

Kara / United States
jack russel cuddling figurines

I could not be happier 

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for my beautiful pups that arrived in the mail — they are absolutely perfect! It really means a lot that you took the commission on. I truly could not be happier with them!
Kealan / Australia
jack russels

These gifts really helped us

She loves it so much. These gifts really helped us and it will definitely be cherished for all our lives. Thank you so so much! What you do changes lives.

JV / United States

Custom Ceramics : More Info

Ceramics Commissions Timeline

The custom ceramic animals are slowly made. It can take from 6 to 12 weeks – sometimes more – to make a piece, plus delivery time.

I cannot guarantee a shipping or delivery date, so if you plan on gifting a ceramics in a month or so, a custom order will not probably get to you on time. This is a long process. If you’re in a hurry, check out what’s already in store ^^

In this article, I documented the whole process of a custom ceramics commission, made a few months back. 

Colors and style

My work is not realistic. It’s cute, minimalistic and simple, I focus on shapes and colors. Therefore, I will not be making realistic dog or cat portraits. I can convey my idea of your pet and, with luck, their personality

Check out the custom orders from the past

Ceramics colors can be tricky, I work with a lot of premade colors, I cannot make your grey, blue or green’s exact shade. I can pick the closest hue but don’t expect pantone perfect ^^ 

I don’t do realistic, fierce, violent sculptures. This is just not me. Make sure you get a hold of my style before you order something ^^ It will be CUTE.

Check out the custom made figurines of the past.

painted dog porcelaine lycaon custom order
Fox figurine with fishing gear
ceramic animal : opossum grandma and Christmas tree

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Ceramics Orders

Can I request this piece that sold out ?

Yes ! Absolutely ! If you’d like an opossum bowl and they’re sold out while commissions open, I’ll be very happy to oblige. Same goes for all of the past items, I can redo an old pendant that you liked, a figurine or anything that sold out.

Can you gift wrap my custom ceramics order ?

If your order is a figurine or a pendant, it comes in a ready to gift cute little box with a little original doodle on it. You can request a gift wrapping on tableware boxes and I will do my very best.

I can also add a little handwritten note to your package.

Can I order several pieces ?

Yes, as many as you can fit in your shopping basket !

Do you ship overseas ?

I ship worldwide ! Yay !

What if I don’t like what you made ?

If you know my work, this is usually not an issue. My style is reliable enough that if you’ve seen a few pieces you will have a good idea of what to expect from a commissioned piece.

However, this is all subjective and we’re human. Two things may happen. If you don’t like your piece because something went wrong, and I agree with you, I can redo it. In that case I will usually let you know that something is amiss and ask if a redo is ok with you. Sometimes I see a detail that I don’t like, but you will not see it that way and the order can go through.

Do you do Custom Pottery Wholesale ?

No, I only do handmade, wheel thrown pieces. The maximum amount of identical pieces would be around 10-20, and the discount would probably be around 10% maximum for a simple repeatable design. Other than that, it takes me the same amount of time per piece making 1 bowl or making 10. Except I’ll be bored by the 8th bowl and probably will take longer while my brain handles the hassle. So no, no wholesale ! 

More questions ? Let’s head to the General FAQ.