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Custom Ceramics Orders

I’m offering custom ceramics orders. I can sculpt your pet or your favorite animal, as a tiny figurine or as a pendent or charm. Anything is welcome really ! Please read the following details before emailing me with your project, it will help you understand the whole process.

Custom Ceramic Animals : Schedule

The Custom ceramic animals are slowly made. These are not on an Amazon prime type of schedule, so be preprared to wait quite a bit. We are at the beginning of december and I cannot take any commission for Christmas. It can be from 4 to 12 weeks from the first contact to you receiving your order. It mostly depends on the studios firing schedule and my own free time.

Price of your Custom order

The prices are about $60 for a dog or cat, big cat or anything “simple”. The ceramics are always tiny : from 1/2 cm to 6/8 cm long. More complex projects like Octopus, 2 pieces animals like Mola mola, or winged, antlered animals are $90. I’ll let you know about the price in my first email.

pendentif céramique personnalisé commande
Custom Ceramic Charm : Tiniest Corgi

Custom Order Process

The first contact can be a DM on insta or twitter, your custom order has to be an email (me@kness.net) though.

1 – Contact

I’ll need a name, email and description of your project. Please add details and pictures, they’ll help. My style is not realistic, but more minimalist / cute, don’t expect anything else 🙂 I’ll answer within a few days with an estimated cost and a rough schedule.

Baleine Céramique
Tiny Ceramic Whale

2 – Sculpting and first firing

Once we agree on the terms, I’ll sculpt, paint and get your ceramic fried through its first firing. Pictures will happen all along the process as I love to document my work. If your custom order is meant to be a surprise or if you don’t want it documented on my social media, please mention it in your contact email.

renard ceramique pendentif
Gold + Ceramics Fox Charm

3 – Payment

I’ll make a custom order for you after the first firing.

Once everything’s in order, I’ll proceed with the last part of the work.

4 – Glazing and shipping

I’ll get the piece glazed and through its last firing. More pictures will be sent ! Your order will be carefully wrapped in a custom illustrated box and sent to you !