FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Everything you’d like to know 

And more, if you still have questions after reading this, get in touch

Can I order a custom piece ?

Ceramics custom orders or commissions, are not always open. They work in rounds, I take several orders and then work on them, when they’re finished I reopen a round. All the information about ceramics custom orders and commissions are here.

What type of clay do you use ?

I use porcelain clay, it’s like China or Limoges basically. It needs to fire to very high temperatures twice in order to achieve its final state.

How do you fire your pieces ?

I fire my pieces in a kiln that’s in a shared studio space. It’s a professional and dangerous equipment, not fit for your kitchen. Also, porcelain doesn’t fire in a regular kitchen oven, I often get the question ^^ A kitchen oven would go through to 500°F while porcelain needs to reach a mere 2000°F. I also use high temperature gloves, ventilation, glasses etc.

I want to make the same thing !

Well I get it, but before you buy a kiln or a wheel, let’s take a few pottery classes and see if it’S a good fit. You’ll also learn all the security rules and a lot of info.

Do you use molds ?

No, I don’t. Each ceramic animal is handcrafted, painted and handled a lot of times before it reaches your bookshelf. It makes each animal different and unique, they all have their own personalities. 

Can I have the illustrated box ?

Yes sure, I draw on all the boxes. It’s included with your purchase. It’s a complimentary thing though so no complaints about the drawings, no requests either. For illustration commissions, there’s a whole page of information here !

Are the porcelain pendants fragile ?

When I create a piece of porcelain jewelry, I think of its everyday use. They’re not particularly sensitive to elements as they already went through several firings over 1000°. Water, fire or acid, soap won’t have any effect on them. The only danger of break is a fall on a very hard surface. But even them, rounder and stockier pieces can withstand quite an amount of trauma ! 

I usually do not recommend sleeping with the jewelry on, as it could damage tiny parts or your skin during sleep. I mean triceratops can be pointy. 

Can I add a chain ?

Yes, stainless steel chain necklaces are sold separately and you can add it to your order. If you order several pendants and 1 chain, let me know which pendant should be on the chain ^^ 

The pendants are fitted to my chains, these are relatively standard so they should go on most chains that you have at home. You can also fit the pendants on a fabric or leather necklace 🙂 

Do you ship to my country ?

I ship to most countries. Some restrictions can apply because of Canada Post and Covid. You can find a list of countries and their restrictions here.

It's a gift, please don't include an invoice

I will not include a printed invoice, however if your order ships outside of Canada, I have to include a custom certificate with the value of your order. It’s mandatory. Your loved one may have custom fees to pay too, depending on the order value and country of destination.

My piece came in broken

I always pack my pieces with the greatest care. It’s very rare that a piece breaks (2 breaks over 500+ pieces shipped – that’s 0.4% at this time). But, it’s still possible. If it happens to you, get in touch and send me pictures. We’ll sort this out !

Why is tracking expensive ?

I don’t make any money on shipping, it’s Canapa Posts prices. Shipping is an important part of our transaction. First line workers are doing their best to ensure a piece of art goes from one place to another in the best of shapes. I think that’s valuable, even more valuable to know where a package is at anytime. 

If you do not take the tracking option, know that I cannot make any complaint on your behalf or get any refunds until the package is found or returned to me. So basically, tracking is the best way to go ! 

My order has shipped and I still have nothing after 2, 4 , 8 weeks

If you did not pick tracking, I do not have more information than you do. For Europe and the US, a flat rate package can take up to 12 weeks to reach its destination. If it cannot be delivered for any reason, it should come back to me. At that point we’ll reevaluate our options. 

If your tracked package is lost, I will take a complaint to Canada Posts and try for a refund that’ll be forwarded to you or put back in another piece. 


I forgot to add a piece in my order

If you need to add a piece to your order, first contact me and I’ll put it on hold. I usually ship on the next day but sometimes I do on the same day. If your order has not yet shipped, you can order your second piece and I’ll refund any extra shipping fee. 

If your order already has shipped however, I will not be able to refund anything, sorry. 

Are you using secured payment methods

Yes. The payments are goiong through either paypal or square, both are secured platforms. I never see any of your bank or card info. It’s simply not possible ^^

Can I pay in installments ?

No, sorry, it’s not possible.

Can I return something ?

No, all sales are final.

I used the wrong adress

If your order hasn’t shipped yet, contact me as soon as possible. 

If I already printed the label, I will try and void it to make a new one. 

If your order already shipped, there’s nothing I can do unfortunately. I’ll wait for it to come back and offer to send it again for the shipping fee + any other return fee that may occur. 

If you do not want it back, I’ll refund you the piece minus the shipping fee and put it back in the store. 

What are the delivery times ?

Delivery times range from 1 to 6 weeks, depending on the destinations. For North America it’s usually 3 to 7 days, 1 week for Europe and in some cases like Austria, don’t expect anything for a month or two ! Tracking is a good way to not stress about delivery times ! 

I have more questions !

Ask away, I’m always glad to answer 🙂