Handmade Ceramic Figurines and Porcelain Jewelry

That’s what I do. I think, design and then make all of them adorable critters with my two hands. Each piece of adorable porcelain jewelry and ceramic figurine is a one of a kind, unique creation. Made in Québec, Canada, they ship worldwide right to your door in a ready to gift package. And there’s more ! 

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Ceramic Animal Figurines and PoRcelain Jewelry, fresh from the kiln.

And by fresh I mean scalding hot since each ceramic animal is literally burned two to three times in my Montréal studio. Each month, I deliver a new batch of friends and list them all in the shop. You are in the right place to buy yourself or a loved one the gift of cuteness. Brace yourself for the AAAAAWS ♥ 

Sustainable Art, Handmade in Canada

In addition to being an independent shop and a one woman business, Kness is also an art shop with values. Basic things like : I like the planet we live on and I like both animals and my fellow humans. Making this both as cute as possible and as sustainable as I can was the only way. And I walk to the post office, that has to count right ? 

Prints and goodies

For more cuteness on your walls and in your bullet journals, there are adorable illustrations available as prints, mugs and washi tape. Here is a selection of outside shops featuring my work as printed goodies. They are also easier on your wallet, perfect if you still want the aaaws but are on a budget !

2nd grade and tests


Animal Collection

Washi Tape

Quality Art Prints

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Commissions and custom orders

I can work just for you either in ceramics or in illustration, just let me know what you’d like and we’ll talk about it ! 

Illustration Commissions 

You’d like to have your very own painting, pattern or pet portrait ? My illustration commissions are often available. Here’s all the information you need and a price list.

Illustration commissions
dessin raton laveur encadré
sheltie dog sculpture portrait custom ceramic commission

Custom made Ceramic Figurines and Jewelry

Once every two months or so, I open a ceramics commissions round. This means that I will create your very own cat, dog, bunny or bird into a porcelain figurine or a piece of ceramics jewelry. Custom made tableware pieces are also available now. Make sure to read all the details before applying for a commission and order the cute pottery piece you imagined ! 

Custom Ceramics Animals