Clay animals

In 2018, as a side project along my animal illustrations, I took to sculpting clay animals. These are mostly porcelain animal figurines and porcelain jewelry. My handcrafted clay animals range from 1 to 10 cm long. This craft evolved a lot and I now professionally create figurines for home décor, pendants, brooches and porcelain charms. The ceramic animals are available in my online shop. I also take custom ceramic orders in order to sculpt your pets, favorite animals or legendary animals. Lets check them out !

clay animals sculpture : 3 hedgehogs
3 Clay Hedgehogs

Unique Clay Animals

Each of these little clay animals is handcrafted and carefully sent in a custom box. You can see most of the steps, including the boxes on instagram. Crafting clay animals is a slow process. Most custom orders take about a month to complete. In order to understand all the steps involved in the process, I wrote an entire article about a custom order from first contact to sending the clay animal to my customer. Check out how I make a Clay Figurine Sculpture.

Custom orders and special occasions

The handcrafting part of this activity is really special. It involves documentation and a 3d feel of the animals I did not have with illustration. I also wanted to keep my simple and cute style in the clay animals. Some custom orders are really touching too, and I really love to handcraft gifts for your loved ones. Feel free to either check out if the ceramics commissions are open or maybe there’s something in the shop that’s all ready for you !

Keep in mind that each one is a unique piece. No two clay animals are the same because of the process I use. I put a few examples of them afterwards 🙂

clay animals
3 clay snakes, 5 clay hedgehogs and each one is unique ♥

Clay animals as jewelry

Many clay animals can also be a piece of porcelain jewelry. In that case, I often use noble materials for décor such as fine gold highlights, mother of pearl or white gold patterns. The porcelain jewelry will be both cute and precious. As for the porcelain figurines, each piece of jewelry is 100% handcrafted and truly unique.

clay animal  - barn owl wings pendant porcelain
Porcelain Jewelry piece : a barn owl with gold highlights

Dishes with Clay Animals

Lastly, I craft small dishes that can be used as jewelry trays. They are often designed with special glazes that give the clay animal a very poetic surrounding. For example a fox sleeping in a starry night sky or a tiny white rat checking out on you from their dawn colored cloud. There are so many possibilities !

fox tray night porcelain clay animal
Clay animal as a jewelry tray
clay dog custom order
Ceramic Dog Custom order