As a side project along my animal illustrations, I took to sculpting clay animals. These are mostly porcelain miniatures. They range from 1 to 10 cm long. There are figurines, for home décor, and porcelain jewelry with pendants, brooches and porcelain charms. The ceramic animals are available in my online shop. I can also make custom ceramic orders of your pets, favorite animals or legendary animals.

clay animals sculpture : 3 hedgehogs
3 Clay Hedgehogs

Unique Clay Animals

Each of these little critter is handcrafted and carefully sent in a custom box. You can see most of the steps, including the boxes on instagram. Crafting clay animals is a slow process. Most custom orders take about a month to complete. In order to understand all the steps involved in the process, I wrote an entire article about a custom order from first contact to sending the clay animal to my customer. Check out how I make a Clay Figurine Sculpture.

Custom orders and special occasions

The handcrafting part of this activity is really special. It involves documentation and a 3d feel of the animals I did not have with illustration. I also wanted to keep my simple and cute style in the clay animals. Some custom orders are really touching to, and I kind of really love to craft really special gifts. Feel free to contact me or look at what’s in stock 🙂

Keep in mind that each one is a unique piece. No two clay animals are the same because of the process I use. I put a few examples of them afterwards 🙂

clay animals
3 clay snakes, 5 clay hedgehogs and each one is unique ♥
clay dog custom order
Ceramic Dog Custom order