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How to build an e-commerce website for a small business or artist

Lapin Céramique miniature

After I stopped selling my ceramic animals on Etsy, I had to build an e-commerce website from scratch. As a small business, actually I had it running before closing Etsy, so I could test all the features before running out of income. At the time this was a side gig, now it’s become my main […]

SEO for Artists

SEO for artists

What is SEO SEO is my absolute favorite field in webmarketing, I love it. It takes work but it’s super rewarding in the long run. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically making your content look cool for Google. There are no magical words or very technical bits to it. Well, there is but […]

Christmas Deliveries

livraison noel 2021

Some of you are going to chose a ceramic animal or a piece of porcelain jewelry as a Christmas gift. And like much of my fellow makers, my production takes quite some time. I depend entirely on Canada Posts for my shipping, so here are a few useful insights about this 2021 Christmas Deliveries. Order […]