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Basics of Marketing for artists and (very) small businesses

I hear you, you think, as an artist, marketing is a bad thing and you never want to hear about it. You just want to create art and promote it in the purest way possible. However, posting just one picture per month on Instagram with no caption is becoming increasingly frustrating. So here we are, […]

Synthetic Brushes for Watercolor Painting

pinceaux synthétiques

Which synthetic brushes should I use for watercolor? And why should I drop the Kolinsky brushes? After seeing a viral video about Raphael brushes, I questioned the materials and it turns out, they’re absolutely not ethically sourced. Brushes are an important part of the illustration business, especially in watercolor and illustration. So, let’s dive into […]

Should you be selling on Etsy ?

I wrote this article in French back in July, when Etsy just about forced everyone into free shipping. Now they are just going to take 15% out of every sale. So, this piece about selling on Etsy was due for a translation . February 2020 It’s been a few months now since I started selling […]