2023 : Bijoux Commissions

custom porcelain pendants - 2023

2023 is coming to a close so it’s time to look back on everything made this year. I always think I didn’t work that much but looking back, a lot of pieces were made for you all.

So much so that I had to divide the commission retrospective into categories :

Let’s start with the bijoux : one of a kind pendants decorated with gold and pearl, all handmade with love. Some were pieces from the collection and others were portraits of your pets. Some of the porcelain pendants were your favorite animals and there’s even a gall bladder ! Let’s review all of the custom pendants I made this year.

The commissions will soon repoen and open on a regular basis, once every 6 to 8 weeks. Feel free to browse the commission info page or add yourself to a custom piece waitlist.

Custom porcelain pendants : Cats

Cats, cats everywhere ! Although I don’t have a cat, I love them. It’s always a pleasure to sculpt your little cats in a pendant form. That way they’re with you all the time and it’s for the best.

When you order a custom pendant from me, it will come in a small box that I illustrate when I ship my packages. Here’s what I did for this lovely long haired grey cat.

custom cat porcelain pendant
custom cat porcelain pendant
custom cat porcelain pendant
Tuxedo cat pendant
custom cat porcelain pendant
Tabby cat pendant

Dog, fox and coyote pendants

Our canid friends are also made into pendants.

dog pendant
Little dog portrait pendant and the reference photo
dog photo reference
fox pendant
Cross fox pendant with a pomegranate, gold and mother of pearl highlights
coyote pendant
Coyote pendant with gold highlights

Tiny pets as pendants

Your Bunnies, fishes and birds also got to be sculpted as porcelain pendants.

bunny pendant
This is my favorite bunny pendant this year
bunny pendant
bunny pendant
A bunny loaf with gold
bunny pendant box
A white bunny and a whale order
lovebird pendant
Green lovebird pendant
purple fish custom pendant
A lovely fish made after my client’s drawing
gold fish pendant
gold fish pendant and her box
gold fish pendant box
tegu pendant
A tegu pendant

Dinosaur pendants

spinosaur pendant
Spinosaur pendant with gold highlights
tiny stegosaur pendant
Stegosaur pendant with gold
pachycephalosaurus pendant
A pachycephalosaurus pendant with gold

Wild birds

owl pendant
Barn owl pendant with gold and pearl – this one is also a regular collection piece.
night sky owl
Night Sky Owl – a piece from the collection
pigeon pendant with gold
Pigeon pendant with pearl and gold
flying tern pendant
A lovely flying roseate tern for an ecologist

Other animals as pendants

Javelina pendants
capybara pendant
Capybara pendant
manta ray pendant
Night sky manta ray pendant
Lambanana Pendants
A pair of Lambanana pendants for a mother and daughter Christmas gifts
polar bear in a knight's helmet pendant
The polar bear in a knight’s helmet pendant is my 2023 favorite custom pendant I made 🙂

And lastly, this one’s not an animal, it’s the weirdest pendant I made but it’s also cute ! This is a gall bladder, from a husband to his wife as a graduation present for a medical sonography degree. Her favorite organ to make an ultrasound of is the gallbladder so here it is :

custom gallbladder pendant
The cutest gallbladder pendant

That’s it for the 2023 custom order pendants ! If you’d like your own pendant made, head out to the commission page to read all of the info, and then you can add yourself to the custom pendant waitlist ! Commissions will reopen very soon. Meanwhile you can also join the mailing list and get an e-mail when they do !