2023 : Custom Figurines

Custom made figurines

In 2023 I made a lot of figurines and portraits of your pets, as well as custom orders of wild animals, real or imagined. I also sculpted some furry characters which was pretty cool. Here are some of the figurines I made through the past 12 months.

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Let’s review all of the custom figurines sculpted for you this year, starting with cats. All of them have a little story, sometimes it’s a sad one, most of the time it’s a happy story or good memories that are celebrated with a little portrait in figurine form.

Custom Cat Portraits

custom cat portrait seal point
A seal point kitty named Detective Blue
custom cat figurine tuxedo
I love a fun pose for a cat portrait and I’ll include the beans as much as I can !
custom cat figurine red
This is Finn, a lovely ginger who also got his portrait on a bowl
custom cat figurine calico
Hermione, a long haired calico
custom cat figurine calico
Calico cats everywhere !
custom cat figurine calico
custom cat figurine calido
Lola had her portrait sculpted with gold highlights
custom cat figurine calico
A little tortie kitty, they’re so different and always a challenge to paint
custom cat figurine grey
Nimbus was a grey with a lighter fuzzier chest, I added pearl to help make it special
custom cat figurine chartreux
A grey cat named Obi
custom cat figurine tuxedo tongue
It’s tongue out tuxedo !
custom cat figurine bonded friends
A pair of bonded friends, the chubby black and the ginger and white head of mischief.
custom cat figurine tabby
Let’s end the cat collection with this adorable tabby and white 🙂

Custom Dog Figurines

I love dogs, they’re the best ! I did a few dog portraits this year and some stuck with me. I always read their stories, both human and dog stories I think about when I sculpt. It’s never just a simple stylization and sculpture, to me it’s always a full process with intent and mindfulness.

chowder graduation hat
Chowder in a Graduation Hat

This one is so special, Chowder the Pomeranian is a figurine gifted to his mom because she was graduating and he couldn’t be there. I loved the idea, the intention, and the cute little Chowder with his perfect name. I’m sure Chowder is watching over them now.

Indy is another memorial piece gifted from a friend to another. She was a Texas Heeler.
The prettiest Basenji rescue
The prettiest Basenji rescue
Gus the Australian Shepherd was described as very serious.
chihuahua dog portrait
This is Memphis, a chocolate chihuahua

Memphis’ figurine also has a full story. This one is a gift from a daughter to her mom, both loved to collect small animal figurines as kids, and lost their collection while moving a long time ago. Memphis was the mom’s best friend and was lost in tragic circumstances years ago so this was a very special gift in memory of past joys. This figurine is also the second version I did because the first one was too dark and I didn’t feel it reflected Memphis truly.

poodle figurines
A pair of poodles, Ophelia and Bijou, posing as sphynx
Star the husky and her mismatched eyes
cavalier king charles Spaniel
A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
underside of a custom dog figurine
Dog portrait sight hound
Kit the Greyhound
Memorial piece for Truman, a shepherd mix beloved by his family
dog portrait with corn
Cornelius the Siberian Retriver and his ear of corn
husky dog portrait figurine
A playful pose for this lovely Husky
chihuahua dog portrait
An old chihuahua as a gift between friends
Byron the Llewellyn Setter
A merle pup who's also a rescue
A merle pup who’s also a rescue
dog commission
An older sweet friend
And finally Lana, the most beautiful dog in the world

Last dog story ! Lana was rescued after a hit and run as a puppy in China. She suffered impressive injuries, lost an eye and a leg but is now loved and cherished in her family. I wish her a long happy life.

Now onto the other animals ! What do we have here ?

Farm Animals Custom Figurines

I worked for April this year, she’s the owner and lovely person behind Fabled Farm Rescues. They are a farm animal and pets rescue and they save all kinds of animals. Of course they have a bunch of resident family pets too. Here’s a family picture for them. A few pieces were also donated for their Fall Charity Event, helping them with their endeavors. Check them out at Fabled Farm Rescue and Sanctuary. If you’d like to donate, please consider your local sanctuary, certified wildlife center or Fabled Farm who are accepting donations.

Custom made figurines
The Fabled Farm Family
Twix the goat commission portrait figurine
Twix the Goat for Fabled Farm as a memorial portrait
Pig commission portrait figurine
Two piggies

As long as we’re with farm animals, here are a few more 🙂

Fred the pig as a portrait
A lovely pig named Fred
A dwarf goat
Highland cow figurine
An highland cow with a crow buddy sitting on its back
A Valais Sheep and a Red Panda

Wild Animals Custom Figurines

red river hog family
A red river hog family
A lovely mushroom foraging wolf in a hat
wolf figurine
The same Grey wolf figurine with her backpack and hat
Seal collection
A collection of grey seals : when someone orders a generic animal like a Seal, I often make several. The customer gets the first pick and the other figurines then go to the shop.
opossum family figurine
A sleepy mama possum and her babies with a Venezuela flag, from a daughter to her mom.
opossum family
Another Opossum family gifted to a mother
An adventurer rat
A rat looking for an adventure
A banana loving rat
From the same rat family, a Banana loving black rat
black rat bananas box
The companion box
mischievous rat portrait
From the same rat family, the mischievious sibling with a slingshot and blueberries
guinea pig portrait
Amy Rose the Guinea Pig
blue fronted Amazon
This blue fronted amazon has both a figurine and a bowl celebrating her
A squirrel in an apron playing the trumpet
A squirrel in an apron playing the trumpet
splooted grey squirrel
A splooted grey squirrel

Fantastic Beasts Porcelain Figurines

A librarian serval
A librarian serval
rainbow unicorn figurine
Rainbow unicorn figurine
gold unicorn figurine
Gold unicorn figurine
Night and gold unicorn figurine
Night and gold unicorn figurine

That’s all for the 2023 figurines ! If you want one, feel free to browse the information page for commissions and when ready you can hop onto a waitlist for a figurine. The Figurine commissions will reopen in January. The best way to be updated would be a mailing list subscription.