Unique Ceramic Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

unique ceramic gifts holidays

I love to gift one of a kind things to my loved ones for the holidays so I figured maybe you are also looking for some Unique Ceramic Gift Ideas this Holiday season ? I’m sure you do. Here’s a complete guide by price range of some lovely gifts that are either unique or not widely distributed.
Gifting a rare or one of a kind piece to someone is very special so let’s explore our options here !

ceramic foxes drawings on packages
Ceramic animals and jewelry come in a lovely illustrated box, ready to gift.

One of a kind gifts from $10 to $30

Making ceramics myself means that I can offer items even for the lowest budget. Sure the pieces will be smaller and simpler but they’ll still be 100% unique and handmade. How cute is that ?

Let’s start with a small trick if you’re new here, you can sort out the shop page by ascending prices. Which means you will see the cheapest available options first. Just check out the shop with this link.

Our first ceramics options are the very simple and very affordable little ladybug pendants. They’re one of a kind, handcrafted and lovely. They come without a chain so you can pick your options at home or use a chain you already have. They come in a lovely illustrated box like all the other pieces and you can pick a color.

In this price range you will also find adorable mini figurines like the seedlings or the pumpkins. Penguins and other adorable mini critters join them seasonally. Check out the Mystery Figurines Collection.

While we love a one of a kind piece, cheaper options also include lovely washi tape collection by The Washi Station. Washi tape and stickers are available on the website. The washi tape rolls are the perfect little filler for creative people of all ages. They are from small print runs and very carefully manufactured, handled and shipped (by me :D) Check out the printed material options.

ruban decoratif ecureuil idée cadeau fete des mere
Very cute squirrel washi tape with some famous squirrels you might recognize ^^

Adorable prints on demand

As a one woman operation, I can only do so much so I decided that art prints should be handled by Inprnt, a very high quality on demand art printing service. You will be able to find many options there, from mini prints to cards, to large and beautifully printed artworks. Each sale helps me while not adding to my workload so it’s also a lovely way to gift someone a lovely piece of art at a lower price tag.

dessin de loutres
One of my favorite pieces, 101 otters is available as an art print.

Cuteness from $30 to $60

This price range has some lovely pendants as well as the first tableware : Egg Cups !

bat egg cup cute handmade kness

You will be able to find simple yet very cute necklaces like the little hearts, a radish – which is a personal favorite of mine – little ghosts, a ghost puppy, a star, moon, and even chanterelles pendants for the foraging obsessed like me.

One of a kind jewelry and tableware from $60 to $100

This price range offers a wide choice of pendants and tableware as well as small figurines.

Let’s start with pendants, if you wanted a cheaper option + a lovely vermeil chain, one of the previous pendants would work like a charm ^^ One of a kind pieces include adorable wolf earrings, owl pendants and a lovely starry night cat. The choice is yours !

Many tableware options are also available, most tumblers are priced under $100, for example this adorable beaver piece, pretty popular red clay otter tumblers or a unique tiger tumbler.

Original watercolor paintings are also available starting around $60, these are on my Ko-Fi Shop because it was easier to deal with them there 🙂

red panda pattern original watercolor

One of a kind gifts from $100 to $150

This is where you’ll find the most variety to pick from. Most figurines start around $100, so you can find lovely pieces here. There are also more elaborate pieces of jewelry and larger pieces of tableware.

Jewelry pieces in this price range tend to fly off the shelves. They’re often decorated with 22k gold and pearl and even more tiny details like the triceratops or stegosaurus pendants, night sky owls which has no less than three glazes and gold, or the minusculest espresso cup that I almost kept for myself.

The first animal ceramic figurines are available in this price range and they’re often sold out so I’m sorry if that’s the case. At the moment I have a fox, a magpie and a black axolotl available. The next shop restock is always around the corner and the figurines are sought after so feel free to either spot your favorite piece and join a waitlist or subscribe to the mailing list.

Most of the tableware is in this price range as it rarely goes over the $150 mark. Tableware pieces are one of a kind and handmade, they come in a variety of colors and are all illustrated in my studio with underglazes and food safe glazes.

These pieces can be used daily or collected and exhibited on a shelf if you prefer. I love to use my pottery pieces every day though so they are dishwasher resistant and white clay is microwaveable.

Ceramics gifts from $150 and up

My most elaborate pieces usually take several hours of work and days between firings, manipulations, painting and then picture taking, listing, shipping ! That’s why these can be more expensive. I have a few extraordinary pieces that are available at this time.

Original Watercolor Paintings

At the higher end of the price range, there are the original watercolor paintings of animal patterns. This kind of painting takes me days and is still one of a kind. It’s available as a poster but the original artwork is incomparable with a print. Mainly because I almost always use sparkly watercolors, like fairy powder and this is not printable.

That’s it for this guide ! Feel free to check out my other gift guide for artists !