Hedgehog Illustration

hedgehogs illustration watercolor

I made a small hedgehog illustration, i like to put out animal illustrations regularly. It’s small in size, but it features a hundred cute hedgehogs 🙂 Goodies and prints are available here. I also made some ceramic hedgehogs

At first i proceeded to make a grid of 8 x 12 tiny rectangles. Then I doodled every hedgehog in a different position, with accessories or plants. When I was pleased with it, I inked the whole thing with a fountain pen and brown ink. I erased the pencil drawing, keeping just the ink and then I used watercolor to add a bit of color. Some people liked the ink better but I’m really fond of the colored version. Here are the two of them, do you have a favorite one ?

Once I finished, I scanned the watercolor and published it 🙂

Hedgehogs illustration inked
Inked Hedgehogs

Why a Hedgehog illustration ?

I love Hedgehogs. Making a hedgehog illustration was somehow mandatory ^^ When I was a little girl, they roamed our garden and once we saved one from drowning in a water tank. We kept it for a day, getting rid of the parasites and feeding him dog food and meat. I brought him to school to show my classmates how awesome hedgehogs are. He was put in a small ventilated cardboard box and released that same evening. As a young girl I wanted to keep it but my mom insisted it was better off outside. She was right.

If you happen to find a hedgehog in the day, it’s probably distressed so please call a vet or a local wildlife care center. They’re nocturnal and feed mainly on insects and other invertebrates. Do not feed them any dairy or bread, it’s really bad for them. Cat food, dog food or meat will do.

hedgehogs illustration watercolor
Watercolor Hedgehog Illustration
watercolor hedgehog mug
Prints, mugs and travel mug with watercolor hedgehogs