Prehistoric Cute Stationery Box with The Washi Station

Cute Dinosaur Stationery Box

When Aviva contacted me about doing a Mystery Cute Stationery Box, she first asked if I wanted to do it (of course I wanted to do it) and then if I had any theme idea. And yes, I had an idea : Dinosaurs and friends. And just like that, the Prehistoric Cute Stationery box was in the making. I know most of my community is eagerly waiting for the next Apple TV documentary, Prehistoric Planet. This box is right on point and should help you wait the few weeks left until it airs. It you don’t know about Prehistoric Planet, it’s a 5 episode documentary that’s basically the Walking with Dinosaurs of 2022 by the producers or Planet Earth, which is probably one of the best documentaries out there.

Making cute stationery, one weird animal at a time

In a few weeks, I came up with several designs that would fit all the different products offered in the first ever Dinosaur themed stationery box. Since it’s a mystery box, I won’t disclose all of the designs included, but let me tell you : if you’re a dinosaur fan, you will be thrilled. This box is part of a subscription box of 4 – one every two months. Each box features a different independent artist and is full of exciting new designs.

dinosaur cute stationery
happy stegosaurus designs painted for the cute stationery box

First of all, I began with weirdos that are not really dinosaurs but have been here a loooong time. The first design I’ll talk about is Isopods and Tardigrades. As some of you might know, I love Isopods. I even keep two species of them, Cubaris “Rubber Duckie” and Armadillidium vulgare “Magic Potion”. They look both cute and ancient, they also happen to be really good at recycling stuff.

The roly polies fit perfectly with tardigrades as their shapes are close and they’re both cute, in their own way. So they teamed up on a very special product that I won’t talk about just yet ♥

my isopods, an isopod illustration and an isopod pendant
I think it’s safe to say I’m not obsessed with my rubber ducky isopods ^^

Dinosaur Washi Tape + Surprises !

We had a few products available and a few ideas about them too. We knew we wanted dinosaur washi tape, but it was so hard to chose just one species ! So I painted a few dinosaur patterns – one of them is published, the triceratops pattern – and then both Aviva, my friend Avril and I worked on several tape designs.

There will be gold and sparkle ! Triceratops with gold watercolor painting

I’m not a graphic designer by any mean, so Avril has done most of the graphic design work while Aviva also did some and worked with the manufacturers to sort out the whole supply chain.

You will find lovely dinosaur themed washi tape in the box, as well as other products I’ll keep secret for now, because it’s a MYSTERY BOX ! What I can tell you is that if you love dinosaurs, weird and cute animals of old, and all things cute stationery, you WILL love this box.

Limited Edition Dinosaur Cute Stationery

The mystery box is a limited edition of 100 pieces, available starting April 12th from the best Washi Tape Shop in Canada (and probably the world ^^). Talking about The Washi Station, I’m working exclusively with this shop. All the washi tape available in my shop comes from the Washi Station – mostly to accommodate my ceramics customers who can just add a roll or twelve to their cart without changing shops. You’ll find a bunch of washi tapes with 100% original designs from independent artists at The Washi Station. Each order pays an artist fairly !

Surprise Original Dinosaur Painting

One more little surprise might await you in the mystery box ! This week, I’ll draw a few dinosaurs on a round sheet of heavy weight handmade paper and I’ll give two over to Aviva. She’ll add them at random in two of the boxes. So two of you will have a really special gift ♥

Triceratops original painting for one of the mystery boxes

If you love dinosaurs, head out to the Washi Station right away, sign up for the newsletter and / or follow them on social media. The boxes should go fast.

I will release all of the designs when most of the boxes are sold. Meanwhile, you can check out the Triceratops Pattern, which is available as an original painting, an art print and goodies.

There are also ceramics dinosaurs in the shop from time to time, they tend to fly off the shelves though. Feel free to add your email to the wait lists available, or join in on the mailing list. Waitlisters and subscribers are always the first to know about restocks and updates.

cute dinosaur washi tape
Cutest stegosaurus washi tape preview

Bonus : The Full Species List !

If you’re curious as to which animal are in the box, here’s a full list of the species I drew for the cute stationery. They’re not scientifically accurate, but guaranteed 100% Adorable !

  • Isopod and Tardigrades
  • Stegosaurus and Triceratops
  • “Living Fossils”
    • Aardvark,
    • Echidna,
    • Pacarana,
    • Elephant Shrew,
    • Platypus,
    • Gavial,
    • Gar,
    • Bichir,
    • Pig-nosed Turtle,
    • Coelacanth,
    • Magpie Goose,
    • Pelican,
    • Nautilus,
    • Tuatara,
    • Alligator Turtle,
    • Pygmy Right Whale,
    • Horseshoe Crab,
    • Chousingha,
    • Amami Rabbit
  • Dinosaurs and friends
    • Parasaurolophus,
    • Hadrosaurus,
    • Tyrannosaurus,
    • Pterosaur,
    • Brachyceratops,
    • Oviraptor

And also : Protoceratops, Alamosaurus, Rynchenia, Bactrosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Pterosaur, Albertaceratops, Albertosaurus, Bambiraptor and a chicken, Triceratops kids,
Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Corythosaurus, Spinosaurus, Brachyosaurus

That’s it ! Thank you !

preview dinosaur stationnery box cute
Sneak peek ♥