Unique Mother’s Day Gift : 10 ideas for a meaningful present

Unique mothers day gifts guide

That’s it, you’ve already gifted flowers, tea, jewelry, spa day, perfume, slippers and you’re completely out of ideas for a Unique Mother’s day gift. What can I get instead of flowers for Mother’s Day ? If your mom is fond of nature, animals and cute things in general, I have a solution for you. I gathered all my best sellers in a page and a few other ideas that I gifted my mom for Mother’s day in the past. As a creative person, I bet there are things in there that will appeal to you !

One of a kind Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

In 2022, Mother’s day is on May 8th in North America, May 10th in Mexico and other South American countries, in France it’s on May 28th. In the UK, it’s in March though. If you find this article late, don’t worry, mothers usually tolerate a belated gift, especially if it’s really meaningful.

One of a kind celebration of motherhood

As far as my art goes, you are guaranteed a truly one of a kind Mother’s day gift. Each piece of Ceramics Jewelry, each and every Ceramic Figurine is unique and has it’s own personality. Why is that ? Well, mostly because I am making each piece by hand. I don’t use a mold, and the closest to a shape used is a round cookie cutter to have something close to consistency when it comes to Jewelry Trays.

Porcelain Pendant : a unique mother’s day gift to wear everyday

I create porcelain jewelry for every day and special occasions. Here are a few of my best sellers picked for moms. Each of those is unique : I can make several little foxes but they will never be exactly the same !

Unique Mothers Day Gift - Porcelain Pendant
Porcelain pendants best sellers for a Truly Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Gifting One of a Kind Porcelain Figurines

When I was a kid, there was a porcelain figurine cabinet in most households. I don’t really know why it stuck with me, hidden in a corner of my brain until I started learning pottery but it did. So when I got bored with making weird mugs, I tried a small animal and here we are a few years later : it’s become my full time job.

I create ceramic animals with a passion and in my own adorable style. They’re something like the millennial version of the porcelain cabinets of old. Here are a few of my most liked figurines for a Mother’s Day gift. Each one is handmade and shipped without plastic. You will probably not find the particular ones pictured here in the online shop. That’s because each one is unique and has probably sold already. BUT ! I make new animals all the time and release them on a monthly basis. So feel free to browse the shop, you’re sure to find a truly unique gift for your mother.

Unique Mothers Day Gift best sellers porcelain figurines
Some of the most sought after pieces for Mother’s Day

Unique gift + Unique Gift Wrapping

As far as gift wrapping goes, each piece of ceramics – figurines and jewelry alike – come in a small illustrated box.

Unique Mothers Day Gift Wrapping porcelain pendants and figurines
A few samples of the illustrated boxes that protect your ceramic gift to your mom

Mothers day gifts celebrating motherhood

I made a porcelain figurine series about Motherhood and although they often sell out, it’s worth checking out and subscribing to a waitlist. You will then get an e-mail when I restock your favorite piece. I also work following the waitlist numbers so the more people want something, the more likely I am to make one available again.

Motherhood Themed Ceramic Figurines

Jewelry Trays and Dinnerware for the mom who loves animals

Besides jewelry and figurines, I also create adorable jewelry trays and tumblers that are illustrated with cute animals. They will hold the previous year gifts of jewelry in a very cute fashion.

Unique Mothers Day Gift - Jewelry Trays and Tumblers
Jewelry Trays and porcelain tumblers

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts

If you are well ahead of time or if you’re ok with a belated unique Mother’s Day gift, you can consider commissioning a ceramic piece or an illustration. If you’d like to know exactly how it goes, I’d suggest the blog post retracing the steps to a Christmas commission from a daughter to her mom. Unique Gifts for mom would be useful for many an occasion besides Mother’s day 🙂

My customer’s testimonial for this piece says it all :

The sculptures are adorable. They were exactly what I expected from the website pictures but somehow were even more delightful in person! The possum Christmas tree + grandma possum I commissioned for my mom’s Christmas gift had her crying she loved it so much. Perfect gift!

SK, Simi Valley, USA

A few more ideas of original Mother’s gifts

Cute Stationery

I create adorable stationery with the help of the Washi Station. If you and your mom like cute washi tape, postcards, lovely notepads and stickers to embellish your day to day life, we regularly update our collection of cute stationery. We even have a lovely subscription box that will remind your mother of your love 4 times a year !

Squirrel Washi Tape
Cute Washi Tape and Stationery for Mother’s Day, a less expensive but still meaningful adorable gift

Art Prints

Watercolor painting is your thing ? You’ll find pretty cute animal pattern illustrations throughout my Inprnt shop. They print my paintings on lovely heavyweight paper and they look just as the original – minus the glittery paint.

cute donkey art print for mothers day gift
A cute donkey pattern print ♥

Illustrated Goodies

I also lend my designs to Society6 who prints them on mugs, phone cases and pillows. There are also a few other objects with otters, unicorns, cats and raccoons. Your mother’s favorite animal is out there, I’m sure. I love an animal pattern illustration ♥

chicken pattern mug
A chicken pattern mug

My mom’s top 3 gifts

My mom’s received quite a few Mother’s day gifts over the years and though she absolutely loves getting art from me since kindergarten, I sometimes like to actually buy something for her. After 35+ years of gift, her favorites were : a florist subscription for a whole year, she received a monthly bouquet and she had no idea at first. She thought it would be like a one time Mother’s day flower gift but it kept on giving all year round. It was really lovely to remind her she was the best mom all year long. The second was an actual spa day where we all went instead of just sending her off to the spa alone. And the third was a camera lens since she’s into bird photography 🙂 I like a useful / meaningful gift with a little originality to it.

Mother Day Gifts for Artists

Is your mama an artists ? Then maybe a ceramics class or a painting class might suit her. If a class isn’t her thing, artists mom are always on the lookout for new tools and art supplies. All artists secretly collect art supplies, you can’t go wrong with this !

If you gift your mom one of my ceramics art piece, I’d love for you to let me know and tag me on social media !