Covid-19, orders and online shop

We’ve been quarantined for a few weeks now. What was a surreal situation became kind of a new way of life. It has consequences, here as well as everywhere else. For me, it’s many things like not being able to fire my pieces. My kiln is located in a shared space that’s been closed since March 16th.

boite licorne envoyée

Custom orders

The custom orders that are in progress will be completed and sent as soon as possible. Each client will be or has been contacted. Let me know if I forgot somebody ^^

Ordering something now

While you can still order custom ceramic animals, or buy some on the shop, delays can apply. For every ceramic animal and for the original illustrations in the shop, it’s business as usual, I can send the packages. It may take more time on your side though, depending on your country of residence.

commande teckel céramique

If you’d like to go with a custom order, let me know. I can sculpt and paint your animals, I’ll just have to proceed with a big load while firing them later on. All custom illustration orders can go through as usual.

Take care everyone ♥ Thank you all for your support ♥