73 Raccoon Drawing

aquarelle ratons laveurs

I’ve finished my raccoon drawing! The original raccoon painting is sold but if you’d like a fine art print, raccoon mug, or Raccoon Washi it’s all available! This poster is part of my collection of animal pattern collection. These animal filled illustrations are happening regularly in my portfolio and my shop, they are very relaxing […]

Basics of Marketing for artists and (very) small businesses

I hear you, you think, as an artist, marketing is a bad thing and you never want to hear about it. You just want to create art and promote it in the purest way possible. However, posting just one picture per month on Instagram with no caption is becoming increasingly frustrating. So here we are, […]

Custom Cat Portraits : 2 Cute Watercolor Paintings

watercolor cat portraits

Today I’ll tell you all about two cute watercolor cat portraits I painted of two very different cats : Nini and MooMoo’s. While my main body of work is now ceramic animal figurines and porcelain jewelry, I started as an illustrator with a thing for painting animal patterns. So, pet portraits : yes ! Of […]