Wedding porcelain pendants

Pendentifs Porcelaine

Some people exchange vows and wedding bands, Charlot and Jacek wanted something really special and unique for their own wedding. So, Charlot contacted me a few months back for a very special commission : two wedding porcelain pendants. These two little handmade porcelain jewelry pieces represent the loving relationship between two awesome artists (links to their portfolios in the end ^^). They have a special meaning to them too : Hippo and Turtle are the nicknames they gave each other when they met, ten years ago.

Photo : Charlot / Jacek

Custom Porcelain Jewelry

Creating these little porcelain animal pendants was both challenging and entertaining. I loved playing with the shapes and colors for them. I also made them together so that they always resonate with each other.

I started with sketching in order to settle on the pendants designs with Charlot and Jacek. The rough sketchs gave us a good idea of ​​the final product.

First sketches, the bottom ones were chosen

Colors and luster

Then we chose colors and options. I have a limited palette, and I proofed all of my colors according to my own process. The hippopotamus pendant was to be pink and the tortoise was blue-green. I submitted a color chart for my customers to pick their favorites shades of pink and blue. To transform these porcelain sculptures into genuine pieces of jewelry, I added a different luster to each one. A luster implies a third firing. The hippopotamus has a gold highlight pattern, balanced by a mother of pearl motif on the tortoise’s shield.

Choix des couleurs

From small porcelain sculpture to one of a kind jewelry

Clay sculpture is already a craft in itself. But going from a desktop décor piece of porcelain art into one of a kind jewelry pieces requires a little bit more work. The size of the porcelain pendants is important, I miniaturized and simplified my animals all while preserving their characters. I also think about their actual use a lot. When I connect the high fire wire mount to each piece of clay, I check for balance and weight. Each pendant is tested every step of the way so that it balances naturally on a chain. I also work on their resistance to shocks, avoiding too thin and long parts that could break easily. My goal is to make each pendant the most compact, simple, sturdy yet elegant and cute.

Porcelain pendant fabrication stages

Like all my porcelain jewelry, these pendants are one of a kind. No mold or industrial process is involved, it’s all handmade. Once sculpted, I sent some photos of the work progress to Charlot. My customers got to follow the making of their porcelain pendants, which made them even more special.

Sculpting the pendants

Sculpting porcelain pendants

When the sculpting is done, I balance each pendant and correct their weight if needed. They then go through their first firing, all the way up to 800 degrees centigrade and back. After the first firing, the colors are fused with the clay but they still have a matte look to them.

First Firing – the pink one went all shiny because this particular underglaze fires way lower than the blues.

I then glazed the pendants for their second firing, at 1200 degrees. Finally, the jewels are decorated with fine gold and mother of pearl in order to achieve the final look.

finished porcelain pendants
Finished pendants

Two unique pendants for a very special day

After a few weeks and 3 firings, the pendants are ready! I enjoyed decorating their boxes before sending them to Ireland. I then took care of including both animals on each box. Working on the two pendants together allowed me to add details so that they really work together. Like this couple, the two pendants have never been separated during their entire production. This is the kind of details I really love about my work, adding meaning to the making.

Shipping is also done mindfully and I have a no plastic policy. So it’s all brown paper and cardboard. Everything is recyclable. It’s sometimes slightly less fancy but truly worth it for the environment.

Illustrated boxes

Charlot and Jacek have been married for a few days now. I wish them all the happiness they deserve, and that’s a lot.
As mentioned earlier, Charlot and Jacek are artists too. Take a look :

Illustration : Jacek Matysiak | Illustration : Charlot Kristensen | Their online store

Mariage pendentifs Charlot Jacek
Photo Bríd O’Donovan

Happy customers

Happy customers quotes are the best thing.

These are bloody amazing💖💖💖 Omg the details and coloring look fantastic 😩💖 I’m so incredibly happy with them .I also showed them to Jacek and he’s well beyond impressed. He loves them so much🥺💖 When we picked you to do this we knew we made the right decision. Thank you so much for making something so special for us. We’ll cherish them forever.


Porcelain pendant orders

Most of the time, custom ceramics orders are closed but if you subscribe to the mailing list, you will get an email when I open them. Finally, each porcelain jewelry piece in the shop is unique so if you need a very special piece for a very special occasion, just check it out, there might just be the perfect pendant or figurine for you. Everything is 100% handcrafted, no mold or reproduction process is ever used.