Handmade porcelain jewelry

I create handmade porcelain jewelry for my clients. Each piece is handcrafted. It represents a family pet or a favorite animal of my customer. A personalized porcelain piece of jewelry is a truly unique gift, lovingly sculpted only for you. Custom made pendants are one of my favorite pieces to make and they’re often in demand. If there’s no time – an order takes 4 to 12 weeks to make – or if the commissions are closed, you can still check out the available porcelain jewelry pieces in the shop. They are one of a kind pieces that I make following my inspiration, one might just be the perfect fit for you. I also sculpt porcelain pet portraits.

Here are some examples of personalized handmade porcelain jewelry from the past few months. Cat, dog or birds, I have shaped several pendants after your dear companions. Whether this is a gift from you to yourself or for a dear one, each of these pendants is as unique as it is durable. And, if you like love stories, you’ll want to know everything about wedding pendants that i made earlier this year.

Porcelain cat pendants

Cat lovers, wouldn’t you like to keep a small sculpture of your dearest friend close to your heart ? Porcelain is hypoallergenic and very resistant. Porcelain jewelry is sold without a chain, so you can chose the cord and material you’d like to use with a custom made pendant. Colored steel chains are sold separately if required.

porcelain cat pendant custom made
Harmony’s cat, Lagardère, in a photo and then as a jewel. Workshop photo fresh out of the oven, the piece still has its firing wire attached.

An original and lasting jewelry piece

For Jade, details mattered a lot. So I made her cat portrait pendant the closest looking to her cat’s coat, including the little spot in the inside of the leg and the white tip of the tail. For a piece that you’ll be able to pass on to your children and grand children, getting it right is an important part of my job.

Ceramics Pendant car portrait
Details matter when crafting a custom ceramics pendant
Jade’s cat pendant

Custom made dog porcelain jewelry

Dogs are also in the spotlight! To celebrate your loyal companion or a departed best friend, I create personalized jewelry featuring all dog breeds. Malinois, bichon, poodle or crossbreeds: I always try to express their personality through these few grams of clay and pigments.

custom made pendant of a dog with the pictures of the customer
! Snowy’s Look ♥ Is this job also an excuse to receive pictures of cute animals? you can’t prove anything! 😀Le regard de Snowy 
bichon custom porcelain jewelry
An adorable bichon made into a custom porcelain pendant
Memorial pendant for a beloved good boy

Porcelain bird pendants

Birds, whether parrots or wild birds, are also perfect for personalized jewelry. I created several parrots for their families and some wild birds. In particular the hoopoe, Anne-Karine’s favorite bird.

hoopooe custom made porcelain pendant
Hoopoe, personalized porcelain jewelry adorned with fine gold gilded pattern

Parrots are adorned with gold, silver and mother-of-pearl on their shimmering colors for even more colorful personalized jewelry.

custom made conure pendants
Personalized jewelry porcelain : two conure jewels, highlighted in mother of pearl accents.

Custom made porcelain jewelry: a unique gift

Personalized jewelry is a unique gift, and porcelain is one of the most durable materials there is. It is fragile in case of shocks, but I work on the shapes and ties in order to create pieces that are both elegant and sturdy. Touches of yellow gold, white gold or pearl adds even more shine to already very special pieces of jewelry.

round robin pendant, custom made clay jewelry
Robin and flowers, personalized jewelry from a lover to his lover, in painted white porcelain and fine gold.

Ordering Custom handmade ceramics pendants

For more information about handmade porcelain jewelry orders, you can visit the custom order page. It contains all the necessary information and a price table. Orders are not always opened since I am often booked. Each piece of jewelry takes time and special care, so I take a limited number of orders each month. The good news is that I open a commission round as soon as I finish and ship the previous one. To be notified of the next commission round, feel free to join in on the mailing list !

One last thing about handmade clay jewelry

Did I mention each piece comes in an illustrated box, made especially for the occasion ? Here’s a very special piece of a bunny and opossum intertwined.

Bunny and Opossun pendant custom handmade porcelain jewelry
This piece was sculpted for Erika, a dear friend and talented illustrator.