Holidays Orders and Shipping Schedule

holidays shipping order

Hey, if you’re like me, you’re probably just thinking about your holidays gifts. And for small businesses, especially international ones, the season is coming to a close really really soon. Here are a few important infos about orders and shipping for the holidays in order to get your Kness piece in time.

Shop restocks

If you are waiting on a shop restock for a particular piece, you might find your dream tableware; figurine or pendant in the coming days. My shelves are packed with items waiting to be fired; including opossum mugs; bowls; a few figurines and owl and raccoon pendants. They will be available Tuesday 11.29 and Tuesday 6.12.

Shipping Schedule

Canada post published a list of dates for sending packages, here’s when you should order things if you want them for the holidays :

  • Canada – Dec. 19th
  • USA – Dec. 9th
  • Europe – Dec. 4th

If you are too late or if your package is late or delayed, I got you ! I made a cute card that you can print and gift while you wait for your piece to get to you.

A few tips and reminders

If you reside outside of Canada / USA, you will almost always have to pay customs and taxes. It’s usually a 20% fee. This is normal and required by law. I would advise to pay only when you get your package and avoid prepayment. A few customers found out that their packages were lost after paying customs and that’s very annoying.

Check your tracking link regularly, a lost package is often just waiting for it’s recipient at the post office.

I don’t have anymore information than you do when a package has shipped, unfortunately.

Shipping after the holidays

While the shop stays open through the holidays, shipping will be suspended from Dec. 21st to January 16th. It will resume starting January 16th.

Thank you !

One last thing : thank you so much for showing up and supporting me and my art ! I wish you the sweetest, most comfy holidays ever!