My 10 favorite artists shops

10 favorite artists shops

As I mentionned in my previous post – 5 reasons to shop handmade – I’ll link my 10 favorite artists shops. These are shops where I already ordered or that I plan to order from in the near future. So if you already got your porcelain jewelry pieces or your ceramic animal figurines, let’s browse these trustworthy, lovely favorite artists shops. They will all make your shopping experience and gifts special.

Pottery, ceramics and porcelain

favorite handmade shops
My favorite pottery shops

1 – A one of a kind mug from Old Forge Creations [UK]

One day, I’ll manage to order a mug from Joe Thompson. If you’ve followed me from the beginning of my ceramics journey, you know that he inspired me to begin with pottery classes. And although I’m creating very little mugs, I can’t take my eyes off of his wonderful work on instagram.

2 – A planter from A mist of horses [US]

I have several pieces from this lovely american lady. but my favorites are her planters. She knows her business so they all have holes in them for the water to flow. Plant lovers will be delighted ! I grow my little monstera cuttings in one at the moment and it’s the happiest plant I have ! You can follow her on instagram.

Paintings and prints

10 favorite handmade shops illustration
Scott C. and Larry McDougall

3 – Scott C. : Cutest paintings and prints [US]

I think that Scott is the artist that I have the most works from, both original art from early on to the most recent hedgehog water park print which I find both adorable and hilarious. I’m so fond of his style. The print quality and colors are perfect. The Scott C. Shop.

4 – A painting or a book from Larry Mc Dougall [CA]

Larry is one of my favorite illustrators, and an inspiration. He sometimes sells his original works. I’m lucky enough to have two of his paintings and I can’t stop looking at them. For smaller budgets, you can also consider his awesome book – Gwelf, a survival guide.

Anne Montel, idée cadeau !
Anne Montel

5 – A painting or a book from Anne Montel [FR]

Anne is a friend and a super talented watercolor artist. I really love her work and I have a few paintings from her. She sometimes sells her original paintings on insta, you’ll have to be super quick and read french though. For a smaller price you can get her beautiful comic books. You can check her out on her website or follow her on instagram.

6 – A print or a pin from Twin Owls [CA]

I have a few pins and prints from Twin Owls that I love. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen the canadian flag made out of animals and printed on birch wood. It’s really beautiful ^^

Lithographie et sérigraphie sur bois
Linocut and wood print

7 – A linocut from Eponine Jacquet [FR]

I have a huge crush on Eponine Jacquet’s linocuts. I now have a few of her lovely bat linoprints and they’re all awesome. I still have to frame them though ^^

Polymer Sculptures

sculpture en argile polymère
Sculpture en polymère par Professeur Clook et Taraminart

8 – An adorable Taraminart sculpture [SK]

Martinahas such a talent for weirdly cute animals that I can sometimes feel a hint of envy at her skills. Thankfully, I have a few pieces from her so I can quench my jealousy by looking at them daily 😀

9 – A lovely mini diorama from Professeur Clook [FR]

Jealousy, envy, yep, here too ! I’d really love to have the talents that Professeur Clook shows with their little dioramas. They’re so cute and weird and so well made and packaged. I must admit I was a bit stressed out when my little glass case came from France but it was so nicely wrapped, it was in perfect condition. Go check them out ! Professeur Clook.

Handsewn gifts

Cadeaux textile
Hand sewn gifts

10 – A mask or a handwarmer from Coco Coud [FR]

I am 100% biased because this is my own mother. Hi mom ! She’s been sewing since she was a little girl and she’s now close to retirement. When the pandemics hit, she converted to online shopping, and I helped with her etsy shop. She did so well, I am very proud of her. It’s no small feat to run a new online shop at age 60 ! She creates face masks, hand warmers, plushies and baby gifts. She’s really good at her job and will make the neatest packages. If you don’t believe me check her Etsy reviews!

11 – A plushie by Quest for the Beasties [US]

I know I said 10 shops, but I couldn’t not include Emily’s work. Look at them lovely plushies ♥ I am lucky enough to have one of them sitting near my desk ^^ If you plan on getting one, be patient because each shop updates sells out in seconds.

Even more handmade !

I thought 10 handmade shops would be enough but obviously not ! I still have loads of links for you! Here are some more.

To be continued !