Ceramic Fox

ceramic fox in red clay figurines

Ceramic fox are available regularly in my shop in various shapes and colors. I love foxes, how elusive and yet cheeky they can be. They’re pretty and adapted to nearly any environment. There are several species of foxes and I’ll show a few of them as I both sculpted and painted many foxes over the years.

If you’d like to shop for ceramic foxes, there is a whole page dedicated to them in the shop. It gathers both Ceramic Fox as Figurines, Porcelain Pendants, Brush / Chopsticks rests, Jewelry dish and paintings.

Sculpting Ceramic Fox Figurine

Ceramic Fox Figurines were one of my very first projects, as I learned ceramics. They looked very different than what I’m making today. Fortunately, my ceramic fox sculpting skills have improved. As well as my materials, paints and overall craftmanship. The early ceramic foxes were simpler and less refined. Their legs were non existant as I had no idea how on earth I could make them stand properly without the whole thing crashing.

ceramic fox evolution over the years
How my sculpting skills evolved from 2018 with my very first try to my latest fox commissioned work in 2022

Nowadays, I sculpt ceramic fox figurines on a regular basis and in many variations. One of my all times favorite is the night sky fox. I also made a couple of cross foxes for a custom ceramics commission. Arctic foxes are another of my regular restock rodeo pieces. Latetly, I made two gray foxes in the past, they were definitely harder to simplify than the regular red fox.

grey fox ceramic figurines
Grey Foxes Ceramic Figurines

Ceramic Red foxes now have two different looks in the shop. They can be made out of regular white porcelain and then painted red – or any other color. Or I can sculpt them out of this new red clay I got and make them a rough matte red texture with their black socks and white collars that look so cute. They always get pink cheeks for extra adorableness !

ceramic fox in red clay figurines
Red clay gives the ceramic foxes a rougher, more natural look

I still have so many ideas of new foxes to create ! Blue and pink foxes are next on my list.

Custom Ceramic Fox Commissions

From time to time, one can order Custom Ceramics figurines or jewelry and my ceramic fox loving customers often have the best ideas. They bring my work to the next level and really help me improve and push my limits. One of them was a fishing fox with a bucket hat that was ordered. I really loved figuring out the fishing rod that I couldn’t achieve with ceramics.

custom ceramic fox : the fisherman
Custom Ceramic Fox : The Fishing Fox, doodle and finished work

Another custom order was a pair of foxes and the customer wanted them special. So I made a Night and Dawn ceramic fox couple that you can see here.

ceramic foxes custom commission
Dawn and Night Ceramic Foxes Couple – custom commission in porcelain, glaze works and gold.

Ceramic Fox Jewelry

I love Ceramic Jewelry Making and Foxes were also one of the early ceramic pendants I made. What about a little Ceramic Fox Face Pendant ? Or would you rather have them as earrings ? All of them have only been made once or twice so they’re often sold out but I’m always creating more ceramic jewelry.

fox portrait ceramic pendant
Fox Portrait Ceramic Pendant

Ceramic Fox Jewelry is often highlighted with gold, white gold or mother of pearl, giving the little foxes an extra shine.

Ceramic pendant blue fox
A blue fox pendant, for a change

Fox Ceramic Mugs and Cups

I made a cute ceramic artist tumbler with a fox painted on it a while back and it was snatched so fast ! This artist cup is made with a little notch on the rim, it it used to balance a brush without it rolling over the edge.

handmade stoneware artist cup for painting
Fox Artist Tumbler with a little notch for balancing a brush

Ceramic Fox Jewelry Dishes

Jewelry dishes or ring trays are tiny plates with a little animal on them. They’re often used to store jewelry on a night stand or a bathroom shelf. I love making them because they’re halfway between jewelry making and dish making. They can be precious and intricate, with gold and mother of pearl. Some of them were decorated with foxes.

fox jewelry dish
Fox Jewelry Tray

Ceramic Fox planters

I don’t do planters yet, but maybe in the future, who knows ! Whether you’d like one or a set of three ceramic fox planters, you can let me know in the contact form. The more people will want them, the more chances are I will take a chance at throwing a planter or three ! Remember this is all completely handmade so these things take quite a bit of time.

Best selling Ceramic Foxes

My favorite works and your favorite pieces are sometimes quite different. It often happens that a piece I really like doesn’t sell as fast as I thought ^^ I gathered some data from the shop and it would seem that your favorite fox ever is the witch fox and the cosmic fox.

The witch fox figurine success completely took me by surprise because I never planned this piece. I was making foxes for the shop as sitting foxes were needed. Since I had been making some witches and wizards animals, I thought I’d add a little pointy hat on one of the foxes and that was it. I took extra care in the detailing of the hat, it’s in a dark blue glaze with gold highlights. As it reminds me of a clear night sky I often refer to it as Starry Night glaze. Consequently, with each new Witch Fox Figurine I got more creative, especially with the hat. I decorated a few with different glaze combinations, always reminiscent of a night sky or a storm sky.

There are still quite a few people on this porcelain fox figurine waitlist so there will be more of them in the future !

ceramic fox witch figurine
The Fox Witch Porcelain Figurine

My customers love this combination of night colored glaze and gold so much that I made a few Starry Night foxes and they’re your second favorite foxes in the shop.

sleepy fox figurine night
The Starry Night Fox

Fox Painting

I’m both a Canadian Ceramic artist and an illustrator. You will indeed find illustrated foxes on my website too. I usually work in watercolor and create patterns of various animals. Here is the red fox illustration I painted a few months ago.

peinture renards
Red Foxes Watercolor Painting

Check out everything fox related in the shop, there might be an interesting piece up for grabs or you might want to join a waitlist. You can also sign up for the mailing list to be the first to know about the updates and commission openings !

Thank you 🦊

ceramic foxes drawings on packages
Drawings I made on the ceramic fox packages ♥