5 podcasts I listen to while working as an artist

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Hey ! This is going to be a really short piece but I thought it might bring some variety in there and maybe let you know a little bit more about myself ! Here are my 5 favorite podcasts as an artist, and surprise, they’re not art related at all !

1 – This American Life

I discovered This American Life years ago with their spinoff Serial. I used to work as a colorist for comics and Serial worked with me on so many pages ! I have this weird thing where I’ll listen to it and see the pages back in my head, and the reverse is also true. Isn’t it weird ? Do you experience this too ? Well anyways, Serial is a true crime podcast and it’s really narrated in a great way. Fun fact, the theme song for Serial is by Islands. It’s a Montréal band and their lead musician also made the theme song for Ologies, which I also really love.
This American Life covers a lot of subjects and it’s really great, I love listening to the stories. It will range from a weird story to the US elections and everything in between. The point is, it’s always calm and really nice to listen to.

2 – Ologies

If you’re a nerd like me and you’d like to know everything about everything in details, Ologies is for you. Each episode covers a scientific field or part of one. Seals, cicadas, volcanoes, trees, stars, death, viruses : you will always find something interesting ! My first episode was Bisonology and even though it’s not a real word, it really got me to supporting the show. I’m now a patron for ologies, and I even got one of my questions asked on the show. It’s that great.

3 – Get Out Alive

This podcast is half biology, half true crime but in the best way. It doesn’t feed of peoples death or injuries – although the descriptions are sometimes gruesome. It’s honestly the worst I can handle because I’m super sensitive. It’s really informative about wild animal encounters and how you deal with them. I had no idea how I should react facing a black bear and now I know ! Also, don’t run in the woods with your headphones on, and don’t feed the bears please.

4 – Beekeeping at Five Apple Farms

You probably didn’t know about this but I’m a beekeeper at heart. Maybe one day I’ll get bees, when the time and place are right but for now I just love listening to beekeeping stories. And this podcast is super nice because it’s not only bee stories, it’s very human. It’s kind of a holistic approach to beekeeping. Even if you never kept bees or don’t know anything about them, it’s interesting.

5 – Freakonomics Radio

Yet another interesting and completely not arty subject ! I love freakonomics because I don’t know anything about economy and the episodes are always interesting. The environmental themed ones are my favorites 🙂

I also listen to a lot of audiobooks while working, and tv shows ! I’ll make new lists for them 🙂