Ceramic Fox

ceramic fox in red clay figurines

Ceramic fox are available regularly in my shop in various shapes and colors. I love foxes, how elusive and yet cheeky they can be. They’re pretty and adapted to nearly any environment. There are several species of foxes and I’ll show a few of them as I both sculpted and painted many foxes over the […]

Unique Mother’s Day Gift : 10 ideas for a meaningful present

Unique mothers day gifts guide

That’s it, you’ve already gifted flowers, tea, jewelry, spa day, perfume, slippers and you’re completely out of ideas for a Unique Mother’s day gift. What can I get instead of flowers for Mother’s Day ? If your mom is fond of nature, animals and cute things in general, I have a solution for you. I […]

SEO for Artists

SEO for artists

What is SEO SEO is my absolute favorite field in webmarketing, I love it. It takes work but it’s super rewarding in the long run. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s basically making your content look cool for Google. There are no magical words or very technical bits to it. Well, there is but […]