Illustrated recipes

illustrated recipes - winter vegetables

Illustrated recipes are one of my favorite subjects. I love cooking ! I made a few illustrated recipes books in French, and I wrote 4 of them. Along with children’s book illustration and animal illustration, drawing vegetables and recipes is what comes naturally to me. I find that illustration is somehow easier to get when you cook. One can represent things in ways that a photograph can never achieve. Such as layers, cuttings or complex steps. 

Illustrated recipes are also a really great way to entice kids to try and cook by themselves ! 

Here are a few of my works on illustrated recipes ♥

Illustrated Recipes : Desserts 

Illustrated Recipes Books

I wrote, directed, illustrated and published these 4 illustrated recipes books. I focused mainly on local agriculture and seasonnal vegetables and fruit. These are no longer available but can be bought used from some stores. I’m working on a website in order to publish all the recipes for free. Rendez-vous sur Cuisine Illustré

4 livres de recettes illustrées
4 illustrated recipes books : 1 per season
illustrated recipe : stuffed peppers

Illustrated Recipes : Prints and Goodies

Some of these works are available on my society6 online store, here are some samples.

Original art is available too, my online shop is right here : original art shop.

Would you like your favorite recipe illustrated ? That’s a nice idea ! I have some custom orders slots open from time to time, feel free to contact me after checking the drawing commissions guide.

illustration cuisine legumes de saison hiver
illustration cuisine legumes de saison été
illustration cuisine dessert massepain
illustration cuisine dessert échaudés
illustration cuisine printemps
illustration cuisine choux de bruxelles
illustration cuisine septembre
illustration cuisine recette tarte pommes
illustration cuisine mosaique silhouettes legumes