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Hedgehogs Illustration

I made a small hedgehogs illustration. It’s small in size, but it features a hundred cute hedgehogs 🙂 Goodies and prints are available here. I also made some ceramic hedgehogs ♥ Inked Hedgehogs Why a Hedgehog illustration ? I love Hedgehogs. When I was a little girl, they roamed our…

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How to (I) make ceramics

I’ve always been curious about arts and ceramics in particular. And judging by the amount of courses, workshops and shared studios in town, I am not alone. I recently opened a small online shop for my ceramic figurines, so I thought I would show you how i make ceramics figurines.…

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Illustration pricing advices

It’s been a long time since I wanted to write (and translate) a piece about illustration pricing advice. This article took a more advanced form during a course for my students Illustration’s Masters Degree. Before that, I showed some of this presentation to several groups of students, to freelance artists…

Illustration Blog

How to scan and adjust your Watercolors

Here’s a little how to scan and adjust your watercolors. If you noticed your paper seems grey, or your colors look faded, maybe it’s time for a little CTRL+L in Photoshop !