Illustration pricing advices

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It’s been a long time since I wanted to write (and translate) a piece about illustration pricing. This illustration pricing guide took a more advanced form during a course for Masters Degree in Illustration students. Before that, I showed some of this presentation to several groups of students, to freelance artists, on social networks, by […]

Scan and adjust your watercolors

In this article, I will explain how to scan a watercolor and adjust your image to be clean and presentable in your online portfolio. I use Photoshop and especially the level tool to whiten the paper and add saturation and contrast. The ideal Scanner for watercolors I opted for a rather qualitative scanner: The Canon […]

Watercolor painting material

First of all, you should know that materials, either for watercolour or digital painting, is never the key to a good painting, drawing abilities are.  Your everyday observations, practice, and time build on your ability to make great pictures. The evolution and achievements of an artist spread over a lifetime. That said, materials can be […]